Friday, August 19, 2011

Artist Block

Artist Block,just as it could drive a writer to crackup it could do the same to any type of artist. Think of it as a miss print in the human mind a clean slate as you will. It could last minutes to lord knows how long, but a true artist will not give up for creating is the life line he/she lives by. The physcilogical effect is so great that some have been known to litery go crazy! So if you get Artist block, just ride it through or you will blow your mind. Sit down, go for walk anything to keep your attention away from the problem it will subside.

Neglect or error

Neglect or error, the topic of my own neglect or error.
I finally got my desk top computer working now I can stop procrastination or neglect.
Well anyway I was using my new cell phone to do all my postings etc. Moreover I still need to learn more about the phone, made to many errors. Although now that I think about it as of late I seem to be making more misstakes.

Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about art.

I realize as I look at art from other artists I do not very often see real emotion in their work, It is one thing to be able to recreate objects etc. so that they look exactly like the subject matter. Where has the true passion gone, have we become so commercialized and blinded that we do not know what passion or emotion is anymore?
Well that is a subject of great debate in the world of art. Personnaly if you just go through the motions and just preducing what everyone dictates you to do, thats fine if that is what you want to do, but think are you really enjoying what you are doing? If you are that is great, but I perfer to take that chance of adventure, show raw spontaniuos art of personnal choice. I mean I will do commissions, but the commissions to me is more about the money. Yes the love of creating art is still their, but we allknow the outcome unless we use our quote un quote artistic licence.