Monday, October 17, 2011

The Time Has Come?

The time has come according to the new prophet the world will end on Friday of this week, whether you believe it or not, I say well bring it on, the world is in such a state of callous manipulative and down right idiotic shape of disconnected people. Nothing seems to please people, they are only happy when they are unhappy, so why go on? Life is just like a never ending movie of discontent, you know what the out come is if that movie ever ends, life that's it. It is inevitable everyone's life will end so saith the prophet my be not all at once I believe but time will come when each and everyone will take that overextending dirt nap!

The Inevitable Studio Clean Up!!??***@@!##?

The inevitable studio clean up! I must be the only artist that seems to create a rant like this, well maybe not?
In any event, The mess in my studio is to over whelming, to say the least, but there is one consolation in this matter a bright side if you will. Upon cleanup the discovery of past art work I have completed have come to light, to which no avail , the question remains fixated in my brain, soul and an embodiment of my self awareness is what was and what is my destiny! Such as life you make it what it is and change only what can be changed!