Thursday, October 13, 2011

In The After Glow, Not Finished More To Come! The artists may be basking in the after glow of the meet the artists night for
I Killed The Group Of Seven
, but it seems to be just a preview of what is to become of the emotionally charged group of Artists! A lot of exciting things seem to be happening, the gallery is enlarging, the word is getting out about the group who seem to be rising to the occasion with each & every exhibit, the art blogs are getting a growing success, all is great in the world of art for Patrick John Mills Contemporary Fine Art Gallery! Patrick John Mills is an artist whom is getting a real name for himself as an artists as well as a gallery owner with balls! Needless to say it should be interesting to see how much of an impact this group has on the art community at large, for it is a large under taking charged with emotion and energy. The future is fuelled with such expectations, of great things to come. Truelove of art is in motion with a new generation of artists, will they become or are they all ready the art trend of the future. If and when that happens remains to be seen, moreover it is a must see gallery on everybody's to do list.

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