Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Always a cloud with a silver lining!

Their is always a cloud with a silver lining, so they say. But with some regret we in Ottawa have to say ado for Patrick John Mills events are gone but not forgotten and will stay etched within our minds and hearts!
    Things are not entirely lost for we still have hopes and dreams, such as Patrick. We will all come to terms with this city's policies of enforcing bylaws within our communities. As sad as it may be, people hopefully will become aware of how important the arts are to our communities past and future. Yes the city bylaw authorities were doing their job but to what gain to a pees one or two tax payers, whom were to cowardly to try to come to a better conclusion. Where is the silver lining you maybe asking, well if you know Patrick Mills at all, the dream is not dead. The heart and soul are still alive, I'm sure the show will go on!

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