Saturday, August 16, 2014

Different Interpretations of Landscape art

Being a visual artist it is rather difficult to ignore interpreting the beauty of nature.
Although nature beckons to cry out, paint me, recreate me, without the possibility of creating what nature is the artist can only imitate!  

 A different as nature reproduces different view of its infinitive nature. The artist can just convey
his/her own interpretation of what they see.

The only thing that is evident just like in nature there are different interpretations, therefore the artists are only interpreters of  nature...
    Thus each time an artist creates an image of nature it may be conveyed  within an abstract, photography, a landscape painting or drawing, etc.

As in nature an artwork can tell a story, so as a viewer of the artist interpretation should not be dismissed as just good or bad based upon a visual.
Just like in the world around us there is always different interpretations behind every story, so look beyond the imagery! 

By: Patrick.S.Greene

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