Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Contemplation of Quitting Art, Why?

Why, do we all contemplate quitting our quest of an art career?
       Well it is very natural to have self doubt, but it is the true artists that contemplate quitting one day in frustration and are back at it the next turn of a page in time. That is why we do it, it flows through our veins, just as the blood flows.
    Thus remembering why we went on a quest of an art career, the love of art!  The main reason I believe artists quit is because they realize that a career in the arts is not as glamorous and as easy as they imagined it would be, not like in the movies or a fairytale life where you are instantly famous and sell all your work quicker then you can create it. So we all have to be committed or quit, because the odds are against all artists despite talent aside it takes years of dedication and hard work.

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