Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Meaning Of Success Verses Creativity

The Meaning Of Success Verses Creativity

The meaning of success has a different interpretation for each individual, some may define success as monetary value.
Others rate success as popularity and most importantly we all have our own goals, whether or not we reach such goals is defined as a feeling of personal accomplishment!

Just as dreaming of flying for example, the Wright Brothers would not have accomplished there goals if they just sat hoping it would just fall into their laps!

 Success verses creativity are both very interesting and difficult as a single or separate subject.
      Now the main difference between the two subjects is people determine them as separate entities on to themselves...   

 Creativity is determined by most of the populous as being an individual whom is a delusional dreamer, that will not amount to anything.
 When deep down we all create whether it is artistically or in other forms inter communicative ways.
Part of the reason for peoples misconception is the fact that deep down inside our evil subconscious, there is a sort of jealousy and envious at some levels!     

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