Monday, March 04, 2013

March Painting Marathon Day 3 & 4

After a long day of painting on site at the Rideau Canal, in Ottawa,
we later that night set our sights on going back to the Mackenzie King Bridge to paint the Canal in the dark!
The moment was a sight to be hold, but we were up for the challenge with both myself and Patrick John Mills worked  until the wee hours of the morning.
Despite being totally drained we both left the Canal with a sense of absolute joy and disbelief, that we had done so much in one 24 hour period!
The beauty of the silence of the night and the dancing of the lights will definitely leave a lasting impression         
in our minds for ever as a time when everything seemed to stand still except time itself!

Here is the painting I completed on that mid morning on March 3,4th 2013

Title: Midnight on The Canal
Medium: Acrylic on Board
Size: 48" x 24"
Price: $1200.00
Completed: 2013

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