Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Yesterday was day 5 of  "MARCH PAINTING MARATHON"
I had arrived at the bridge over the Rideau Canal facing north, towards the Canal, Chateau Laurier Hotel and the Parliament Buildings at around 4pm and worked until  11pm.
I think it really was the most exhausted day so far since the start of the month. I seemed to be in a state of painting madness, but in a very controlled manner, I was like a god who owned the bridge and sight I was focused on. It seemed after my struggle with the first small canvas of the day I had finally got it, nothing could stop me and nothing seemed to be wrong. It was a moment of rare creative inspiration that comes very seldom in an artist's life!
I was on fire, even though the skies changed so rapidly, creating a state of rapid changes to each and every moment.  At approximately  8pm when Patrick John Mills and Marc Casult arrived I had unbelievably competed three small paintings and was working on a fourth, I finished 5 paintings and started a six's when I had to call it quits for the night!

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