Monday, July 28, 2014

Should Artist stick to one style or medium?

 This is a subject that has sort of haunted Artists through the generations.
  Artists are bombarded with ideas swirling around in their heads, as well as questions: should I or should I not stick to one style or medium?
Well personally I feel that an Artist should try everything and anything when it comes to building a lifetime body of work.
That said, I do not mean an Artist should loose sight of what there inner voice is trying to say...
moreover be true to oneself and explore all that life has to offer in the crazy world we call art. Therefore I believe by doing different styles and mediums of art, helps make you not only a better artist, but also gives you abetter understanding and  makes you more aware of the world around you.
 I say do what you want to do and do not let the industry dictate what you do and how you do it. No matter how much you try to please the general public or the art industry, it is hard work and dedication that will make you a success.
 You have to go to them they will not just instantaneously come to you out of the blue like in the movies or the TV shows that show this unknown artist who gets his or her first solo exhibit two weeks after starting to do art and sells out; the instant sensation...

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