Wednesday, July 30, 2014

They Say A Picture Says A Thousand Words, But What About (Self Painted Portraits)?

Many people say oh a (picture is worth a thousand words) well what about a self portrait?
    Is it a form of self envy, well I personally believe contrary to public opinion it has nothing to do with self envy. It is a form of self exploration and like most artists through the ages, we paint what we know best.
What better than doing a subject you know best, (oneself). Let's all be honest if you can not except oneself and all the impurity of good and bad, then self envy is the least of your problems, for if you cant let yourself be exposed as you really are.

We are all vulnerable to criticism, so I say do what you want to do and the hell with the ones whom criticize!

So laugh at yourself, look inside yourself and answer truthfully does it really matter?
     If it does, it does! Smile and move on, you will get over it.

Stick the tongue out at negative criticism, except positive. Don"t bite your lip or tongue,  tell it like it is!

Life is to short to worry about the consequences of your actions, just do it.

Okay I hope you enjoyed this parody of senseless ramblings of a self absorbed individual such as I and enjoy, life does not always have to be serious!


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